Multi-DNS lookup Tool

This program allows you to retrieve the DNS records (A, MX, SOA, NS) of a specified domain using several DNS servers simultaneity. It's very useful if you want to see the propagation of DNS records over the Internet, because sometimes it takes till 72 hours to update all the DNS servers around the world.

All DNS servers are listed in the file dnslist.txt, located in the program directory. You can edit this file, but don't forget to restart the Multi-DNS lookup Tool program to make the changes take effect.

The window of the Multi-DNS lookup Tool

There are very few setting in the program - the type of DNS record and the time-out. The the time-out is important for slow DNS servers.

The program doesn't require any installation process - just unpack files dnslist.txt and dns_lookup.exe in a directory, then run the program.

Multi-DNS lookup Tool can work on Windows 10 to Windows XP.

Download Multi-DNS lookup Tool (330 KB)