Oscillators - part 4

1. VCO circuit.


2. VCO circuit.


3. Emitter coupled multivibrator.

emitter-coupled multivibrator

4. Serial multivibrator.

serial multivibrator circuit

5. Serial multivibrator.

serial multivibrator circuit

6. Complementary multivibrator.

multivibrator based on npn and pnp transistor

7. Flashing LEDs.

LED flasher circuit

8. Modified Clapp oscillator with low distortion.

Clapp oscillator with low distortion

9. Oscillator based on 555 timer with duty cycle adjustment.

oscillator with pulse width adjusent

10. Sine-wavw oscillator.

sine wave oscillator circuit

11. Oscillator with transformer in feedback circuit.

generator with inductive feedback

12. VCO based on 7400 series.

VCO circuit

13. VCO based on 7400 series.

VCO scheme

14. Xtal oscillators for low frequency.

It works with low-frequency crystals; IC - 7400

low frequency xtal oscillators

15. Xtal oscillators with current sources.

xtal oscillators based on current sources

16. Xtal tank-free oscillators works on harmonics.

With min value of C4 it oscillates on 3rd harmonic, with C4=max - oscillates on main harmonic

overtone xtal oscillator

17. Push-pull oscillator based on current sources.

push-pull oscillator based on controlled current source

18. Wien-Robinson sine wave oscillator.

Wien-Robinson sine wave oscillator circuit

19. Crystal oscillator.

xtal oscillator

20. Crystal oscillator with wide range of frequency adjustment.

xtal oscillator with adjustment

21. Push-pull LC oscillator.

push-pull LC circuit

22. Bridge circuit of RC oscillator.

RC bridge generator circuit

23. Harmonic xtal oscillator in barrier mode.

xtal oscillator circuit working in barrier mode

24. Marx oscillator.

Marx generator circuit

25. Amplitude-stable heterodyne circuit diagram.

amplitude-stable heterodyne

26. Ground Penetrating Radar, (GPR) transmitter.

georadar (GROUND PENETRATING RADAR, GPR) transmitter

27. LC oscillator with amplitude stabilisation.

LC generator with amplitude stabilisation

28. Staircase generator based on diodes and op-amp.

Staircase generator based on diodes and op-amp

29. Sine-wave oscillator with emitter-coupled transistors.

sine wave generator with emitter-coupled transistors

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